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Thursday, March 8, 2007

ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 Excel spreadsheet

The Cricket World Cup is on and so the excitement and enthusiasm levels. With cricket fever at the peak, we are presenting a tool which you may find exciting as well as easy to use.

Download the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 spreadsheet
Download the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 stats master

Updated as on 10th April 2007 with detailed points table and standings

For this spreadsheet to work, you must keep your MACROS ON. It is simple.Before downloading, go to Tools->Macro->Security and select the Medium option. Now download the workbook and when open it, click ENABLE MACROS when prompted with a dialog box. You must do this step for the proper functioning of the spreadsheet.

The ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 spreadsheet is a fully featured utility developed in Microsoft Excel (compatible with almost all Excel versions) that would help you keep track of the events, matches ,your favorite players, squads, scorecards and more. This is absolutely free and you can download it at zero cost. The size is also small and the zipped version of this cricket spreadsheet just takes five seconds even on a phone line. Further, the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 spreadsheet provides you with almost all the information you may find at the official site. You just got to enter the scores after every match and the spreadsheet would take care of the rest. Further more, this file is updated after every match so that you can download it after every match if you don't want to enter the scores manually. Just scroll below Read more on the features of this fully functional spreadsheet and the instructions to use it. Check out this space for updates and improvements to this spreadsheet. Do report any errors and also comment on any improvements to this spreadsheet.

Download the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 spreadsheet
Download the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 stats master

Its just easy to use the spreadsheet. It has a user friendly interface. The spreadsheet has three important worksheets:

Select your favorite team in the WELCOME sheet. This would display the list of matches and the results for the team you have selected along with the players. This would refresh every time you open the workbook. In the SCHEDULE worksheet, type the runs, overs and wickets fallen for the teams after the end of every match. This would generate the super eight schedule and points table. If you have forgotten to key in the details, no problem. We do update the spreadsheet after every match. If you see this too much time consuming, then just select the winner from the drop down box.
Remember to turn your MACROS off before opening this spreadsheet.

Features of the ICC Cricket world cup Spreadsheet:

Download the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 spreadsheet
Download the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 stats master


Anonymous said...

can't u figure out a way to update the scores from the web automatically...

Editor said...

You can click the live scorecard option and right click refresh data to know the live scores. If you want your scorecard to update automatically, rightclick and click enable background refresh or click the link below for more options

Ranjit said...

I think there is a problem with this calculation of net run rate for games that are rain curtailed, i.e. games that are judged by the D/L method.

If not, could you let me know how the scores should be entered.

Neo said...

Dear Developers of ICC cup spreadsheet, It's a wonderful work. Thank you very much for entertaining my last query about the NRR and updating it immediately on the webpage. There is one more query, the rule says when the teams go into super 8, the winning tema between the two in the group gets carryforwarded with 2 points, have you encorporated the same in excel spreadsheet.

Editor said...

We are planning for a detailed instructions page. Check it out in a few days.
As regards rain curtailed matches enter the revised scores to calculate the Net Run Rate.
For example, in the match between Pakistan and Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe were asked to score 193 runs in 20 overs.
So enter 192 - 10 - 10 in Pakistan column and 99 - 10 - 19.1 in Zimbabwe column and enter 20 in Max overs column. The victory margin and the NRR would be calculated automatically.
The same is done in the original spreadsheet but masked to hide the details. You may continue with the above step

Editor said...

We are working on the carry forward points system and the same would be implemented when the super eight matches start. Do check out then

Carl said...

Yes the Cricket World Cup is on and so the excitement and enthusiasm levels, an exciting tournament this is, post is great too.


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