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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Twenty20 cricket world cup spreadsheet

The TWENTY20 Cricket World Cup spreadsheet

Cricket fever is back with the twenty20 world cup and we are happy to release the twenty20 spreadsheet which would help you to keep track of the competition. Match schedules, results, match timings, net run rate and much more which you can keep track of with our twenty20 cricket world cup excel spreadsheet.

Updated till the final of the world twenty20 cricket world cup
Download the twenty20 cricket world cup spreadsheet (267 KB)
Download the zipped version of twenty20 cricket world cup spreadsheet(66KB)

If the above link doesn't, work Internet Explorer users Right Click on the link and click Save Target As and save the file.

Just fill in the runs scored and the wickets fell for both the Twenty20 cricket world cup 2007 excel spreadsheet. Click on the image to see more screenshotsteams and the rest would be taken care by the spreadsheet. Else you may just select the winner from the drop down box. Or else you may just download the file everyday from this site. We update the site after every match.

The twenty20 cricket world cup spreadsheet automatically generates all data including schedule for stage 2 matches, net run rate, runs scored by each team, semifinalists and finalists.
Features include

  • Tired of entering the scores. Just download our file for the scores and latest updates. We update our file every day.
  • Select your favorite team from the drop down box and track the progress
  • Get match timings in your country by selecting your country from the match timings page
  • Our Auto Victory Monitor picks a winner once you enter the scores. So no need to select the winning team again.
  • Tired of entering scores. No problem. Just select the winner of the match from the result box.
  • In case the match is decided on bowl out, select the winner of the match from the result box

We have tried our best to make this spreadsheet complete and faultless. However in spite of our best efforts, if a few errors have kept in, kindly post them in the comments section. Also, we have checked this spreadsheet on Microsoft Excel versions 2003 and 2007. Any backward compatibility problems with previous versions may also be reported. If you go to explore this worksheet, go ahead. Simply unprotect the sheet. There are no passwords involved. Finally, we love to hear from you. Post in the comments section about the spreadsheet and any developments that could be made.


Anonymous said...

Can you change the My Country drop down on Match Timings tab as it only needs the countries that are in the competition and it does not contain England !!

Editor said...

Thanks for pointing out the error. You can now download the new version. In the old version, you can select U.K to get the time zone

VJ said...

Few things:

1) I am in Bahrain and that is GMT +3. How do I get it to show match timings in Bahrain time? Bahrain is not listed in 'My country'.

2) I have noted that the spreadsheet takes too long to get updated. It is now 1515GMT and the scores for the India v/s Pakistan match have not been updated. Is it because of the wicket knockout?

3) Today I downloaded the file and inserted my team as India and it does not show any matches and the squad. Whats wrong??

Editor said...

1)The spreadsheet is updated with the time zone for Bahrain.
2)Due to some technical reasons, it is not updated. But the same is updated now and it would be updated daily.
3)You should enable macros for the spreadsheet to work properly.

VJ said...

Its now 0745hrs GMT 17 Sept, and I just downloaded the latest file but the 1st two concerns have not yet been incorporated in the file.

1) I still don't see Bahrain listed.
2) The spreadsheet has still not been updated after Eng v/s Zmb Grp B match on 13 September.

Editor said...

Try downloading the zip file or save the file in your desktop and open it.

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