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Friday, January 4, 2008

Excel Calendar Creator

Excel Calendar Creator

Open this file with WinZip
Get it from CNET!

Now create calendars for any year by just changing the year in infinite number of formats with our Excel Calendar Creator. Customize your calendar by changing font, font color, background color, borders, outline, patterns and save them as themes. Load your themes and make unique calendars of your choice. Make any number of colorful printable yearly calendars.

Open with Winzip
Get it from CNET!

Download Excel Calendar Creator

Download zipped version of Excel Calendar Creator


  • Before opening the file, Go to Tools->Macro->Security and select MEDIUM. On opening the workbook, click ENABLE MACROS
  • Excel 2007 users click the OPTIONS button on the top and then click ENABLE CONTENT
  • Go to Tools->Add Ins and click ANALYSIS TOOLPAK. Excel 2007 users click the OFFICE LOGO, click EXCEL OPTIONS->ADD INS->GO and click ANALYSIS TOOLPAK
  • In the CALENDAR sheet, change the year. That's it! Your yearly calendar is ready.


Gerald said...

I could not get this to function. I changed the year and got all # signs instead of dates in the months. Can you suggest a fix. I am running XP and Excel 2003.

Editor said...

Check out help

Go to Tools -> Add ins-> and click ANALYSIS TOOL PAK

Lobby said...

Hi, I really like this calendar but there is a small bug that should be corrected.
Most people think that every year divisable by 4 is a leap year but it is not true. Actually, rule is that leap years are all years divisable by 4 except those ones that are ARE divisible by 100 and NOT divisible by 400. So, 1600, 2000, 2400 are leap years and 1700, 1800, 1900, 2100, 2200, 2300 are not leap years. You can read about this in more details at
This rule is not integrated into this calendar but it is easy to correct it. Functions should be changed in fields K14-Q14. New function (for L14) should be =IF(K14<28,K14+1,IF(AND(OR(AND(MOD(C3,4)=0,MOD(C3,100)<>0),MOD(C3,400)=0),K14<=28),29," ")) and similar for rest of the fields.

daveskaren said...

What a brilliant work, i like very much.....

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