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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Auto victory monitor

Auto Victory Monitor

So who's won the match and who have lost it. What's the victory margin? No need for you to calculate these silly things. Our Excel cricket spreadsheet takes care. Just enter the scores in the cells and our Auto Victory Monitor would calculate the winner and the margin.

How it works
The Auto Victory Monitor checks the scores of both the teams ,the overs and the wickets. Since the winning team must score more runs than the losing team, it ascertains the team with the more runs as the winner. If the scores are level, then it assumes the match as tied. As regards the victory margin, it uses a simple algorithm to calculate it. Since the formulas are not hidden, you can find it for yourself. The algorithm is based on the fact that if the victory margin is more than 6 runs, then the team must have batted first and defended the score. In case the victory margin is less than 6 runs and the overs taken up the team is less than 50, then the team must have chased and won the match. If the victory margin is less than 6 and both the teams have played out their entire overs or have run out of wickets, then the winning team must have batted first and won.

Flaws in Auto Victory Monitor

There are two flaws in this monitor

  • If a match is curtailed then the score of the chasing team would be revised and in many cases must be much less than the original score of the team that batted first. Auto Victory Monitor would still show the team that batted first as the winner. We are sorting this out and for the time being you may enter the winning team and the victory margin manually
  • When a team chases a target and wins of the last ball of the stipulated over, then Auto Victory Monitor shows the winner correctly but faults in victory margin. For example, if Team A bats first and scores 250 runs in 50 overs and Team B chases down the target in 50 overs getting 252 runs losing 8 wickets (assuming the last ball is hit for four) then the victory margin is calculated as Team B winning by 2 runs instead of 2 wickets. This is a genuine problem. Any idea on this issue is appreciated without providing an additional column for the team batting first.


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